Fishy Delegate Platform

Hello Volties, I’m excited to announce that I’m opening myself up to be a delegate for Volt Protocol. Stablecoins (whether USD-peg or RAI-like) are the most important DeFi product, and Volt’s market governance represents one vision to unlock the unique potential of decentralized finance. I’ve had a stablecoin-focused mind ever since I became a governance contributor at Fei Protocol. At Fei, I spearheaded proposals for active PCV management, and co-created a decentralized community frontend.

My core value as a delegate is intellectual openness with a focus on decentralization, specifically how we can use novel thought to preserve the immense benefits of forces like real-world assets while maintaining a truly decentralized structure. Volt Protocol has an opportunity to explore the cutting edge of decentralized governance and mechanism design, and I will fully push this DAO towards a bright incarnation of this vision.

Twitter: @FishFishDeFi
ENS: fishfish.eth