HC_NAT0 Delegate Platform

Discord Handle: HC_NAT0#1135
Wallet Address: 0xF9cC7B5305A6F34E6cCC46C1648B9A6165a0e3b1

Hi all! I’m Cooper Duschang (@HCDuschang on twitter), currently Co-Director of Governance and Co-Director of Research at Northeastern University’s Blockchain Club. I’m interested in becoming a delegate for Volt Protocol. I’ve personally followed Volt closely since its incubation in the TribeDAO and am excited to see where we continue to move with yield venues and upgrades to the protocol overall.

My duties as Co-Director of Governance have included voting to wind down the TribeDAO and analyzing previous votes with the club’s Governance team. As a club, we are currently looking to receive delegation for Optimism and are preparing by actively contributing suggestions to the Collective. As Co-Director of Research, I have worked to onboard new members to our club, planning events and mentorship with members looking to begin research and break into the blockchain space. I have also edited articles written by our more experienced members. I co-authored an introductory paper on smart contracts and have written an article on crypto-focused improvement suggestions based on factors leading up to the TribeDAO liquidation. I consistently keep an eye on DeFi developments and products entering the space, trying to continue learning about individual protocols (always a chrome tab open to someone’s whitepaper).

I would greatly appreciate becoming a Volt Delegate and believe it would allow me to contribute in a more tangible way. I would be interested in continuing exploring and assessing deposit venue viability, returns, and looking at more risk-on strategies for PCV deposits for returns ie. assessing Yearn’s viability as a deposit venue versus other yield aggregators based on user metrics, price stability, and PCV weight distribution for our target amount of risk. My previous experience in governance as well as my interest and knowledge of DeFi can bring a unique perspective to ensuring Volt Protocol is moving in a safe and beneficial direction for users, delegates, and developers.